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Avoid These Breakfast Habits to Reduce Inflammation

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There are two types of inflammation: Acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is what we experience after an intense workout or as a result of an injury, and it helps our body heal. On the other hand, chronic inflammation can cause numerous diseases and health problems and should be avoided. Fortunately, you can reduce chronic inflammation by adjusting your breakfast habits.

Read on to learn more about which habits you should avoid.

Consuming Refined Carbs

Refined sugar and carbs are some of the main factors contributing to inflammation. They are found in highly processed foods that don’t provide the nutrients necessary for maintaining your health. Pastries and baked goods may be a delicious breakfast option, but they are most often loaded with unhealthy ingredients you should stay away from.

Eating Foods With Trans Fats

Many turn to fast-food restaurants when they don’t have time in the morning. Unfortunately, this isn’t a healthy choice. Burgers, french fries, and other foods from these restaurants often contain high levels of trans fats that increase inflammation. Plus, fast food also leads to higher cholesterol levels and jeopardizes your heart health.

Consuming Processed Meat

Processed meat like sausage, salami, or bacon isn’t something that should be on your plate if you want to reduce chronic inflammation. Moreover, this kind of meat is related to numerous conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, and even cancer.

Reduce Inflammation With a Healthy Diet

Although these habits are unhealthy, it doesn’t mean you should completely give them up. It’s perfectly fine to treat yourself to this kind of food every once in a while. But remember what your diet should be focused on fruits and veggies, whole grains, nuts, legumes, chicken, and so on. Create a balance that will keep both your mind and your body happy.


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