Benefits of resistance band training -

Benefits of resistance band training

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What exactly is Resistance Training? We hear this term thrown around a lot without truly understanding what it is and the benefits it has on one’s overall health and fitness. You will notice that a lot of our free online workouts are based around Resistance Training as it is proven that this type of training is essential for optimal muscle strength and development.

Resistance Training, also known as strength / weight training is based around specific muscles contracting against an external resistance. For example dumbbells, resistance bands or even a water bottle – any object that leads to the contraction of your muscles. In this article we will specifically talk about Resistance Training with a band and its benefits. When Resistance Training is performed repeatedly the outcome of increased strength, power, hypertrophy and endurance is more likely to be achieved.


1. A great alternative to gym equipment

As we are told to stay home as much as we can during these times of uncertainty with Coronavirus, resistance bands are the perfect alternative to what majority of us are used to, which is gym equipment. The versatility of resistance bands still allow us to target specific muscle groups and achieve great results through the extension and the contraction of your muscles. Resistance bands come in different thicknesses which determine the strength of the band. The thicker the band the heavier the resistance! By having different size bands available, the variety of your workouts are endless.


2. Increase strength and build muscle

Yes you can still make gains in your backyard! As your muscles are contracting against the band, your muscles are working hard and effectively in order to grow. If you find that the weight is becoming easier to push against, simply increase the tension by using a thicker band – similar to what you would do on the gym floor by using a heavier dumbbell.  As long as the stimulus (which in this case is your body’s tension on the band) is appropriately sufficient, your muscles will be forced to respond, therefore grow!


3. Burn fat

Resistance Training has been recognised for its effectiveness in fat loss. One reason for this is due to the amount of energy expenditure and strength required when performing this type of training. The harder you work out and the more energy you put in to your Resistance Training, the more calories burnt. Also, a good banded workout is proven to increase your oxygen consumption after you work out meaning your metabolism remains active. This as a result leads to the continuation of your body burning calories long after your resistance band workout has taken place.


4. Cost effective

That’s right, you do not need to spend $5000 on a home gym! Resistance bands are inexpensive and can even be picked up for less than $20! Even by grabbing yourself multiple strengths of resistance bands, your costs will still remain low. It is harder to come up with an excuse to not invest in resistance bands when the price is so low! What are you waiting for!?


5. Promote good form, balance & focus

As you are slowly adapting from using gym equipment to resistance bands, you will notice that at first, you will feel slightly shaky whilst working out with the band. Not to worry, this is not a bad thing! Getting the hang of using a band may be a challenge and will be a test on your overall body, not just one specific muscle group. As you are feeling un-steady performing some exercises, this just means you are being forced to concentrate more on maintaining a good form which will improve in stabilising your muscles and building your core strength all in one. Lastly, controlling the tension and release on the band may require a lot of concentration. Be sure to maintain the tension on the band – rather than letting it snap back into place. This will be sure to promote constant improvement in your form, balance and focus whilst Resistance Training and will benefit you long term.



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