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Settling into WFH or returning to the office

While working from home these past couple of months, a few of us have been guilty of setting up at the kitchen bench, couch or even our beds *chiropractors everywhere shudder…*

So as restrictions ease and workplaces decide on permanently working from home or returning to the office, Tensegrity Sports Clinics have shared their tips for an ergonomic set-up no matter where you’re working.


    Considering you’ll be parking yourself on it for 8 hours of the day, choosing the right seat is arguably the most important part of your workstation. A cushioned seating pad automatically adds an extra layer of comfort – if you only have a wooden dining chair or similar to work with, lay down a thin sofa cushion.
    Bonus points go to a mechanical chair with adjustable height so the chair’s arms can be tucked under the desk, and your eye line can be adjusted if needed.


    While seated, try to keep your back comfortably supported – you may like to add extra cushioning to the lower part of your back or a removable back support from your local office supply store. Your forearms should be resting on your desk space with your elbows at roughly 90°, and your shoulders relaxed.
    For greater support, there should be less than 2cm between the edge of your seat and the back of your calf, and your hips and knees should be at 90°. A step under your feet may be useful to prop your legs up if required.


    With most people using more than one, your screen’s set-up is just as important as how you’re positioned in front of them. If you have one main screen and additional screens are used less often, place the main screen in your midline and the others on either side. However, if you have equal use of your screens, share the midline directly in front of you.
    When adjusting your seat, ensure your eye line falls on the top third of the screen and sits at an arm’s length away. Minimise excessive glare by considering light, and play around with the brightness and contrast of your screen to find what’s most comfortable.

  4. MOVE!

    As comfortable as your deskspace may be, regularly moving is important for blood flow, the impact on your body and motivation. Our tips for incorporating movement in your workday include:

  • Getting up to shake your body each time you tick off a task.
  • Only keeping a glass of water on your desk rather than a large bottle and getting up to refill frequently – do the same for snacks and lunch.
  • Setting an alarm or downloading a web app to remind yourself to stand every 45 minutes.
  • Going for a walk or pacing during phone calls.
  • Doing some simple desk stretches twice a day.

While some discomfort from a desk job is common, ongoing and distracting pain is not so please get in touch with your allied health professional for a COVID Safe appointment.

Tensegrity Sports Clinic’s team of health professionals are available for COVID safe appointments across their Bella Vista, Dee Why, Eastwood, St Leonards, Wahroonga and CBD locations.

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