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Hidden Benefits of Eating Cabbage

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Cabbages are a central ingredient in many popular dishes, such as kimchi and coleslaw. Other than being tasty, the vegetable is also rich in vitamin C, fiber, and polyphenols. All of which contribute to good health. However, there’s another positive effect when you eat cabbage.

As a cruciferous vegetable, cabbages can prevent some forms of cancer and reduce inflammation. Read on to find out why.

Hidden Benefits

Vitamin C and polyphenols are antioxidants, substances that can help reduce the level of free radicals in your body. Excessive levels of free radicals have been linked to cancer, macular degeneration, and even heart disease.

This condition is called oxidative stress and may cause chronic diseases. You’ll need to consume foods rich in antioxidants to counteract this condition, and cabbage is an excellent source.

Cabbage is particularly effective against colon cancer. A 2018 study found that feeding mice cabbage boosted their immune systems significantly. These genetically-modified rodents were safe from inflammation and cancer as a result.

Healthy and Affordable

Besides being a healthy choice, cabbages are also affordable in grocery stores. You can always find some large heads of cabbage there. Cabbages are also easy to prepare for meals, with one example being stir-fry.

Try Eating More Cabbages

A diet containing cabbage is good for your health and your wallet, as you’re safer from cancer and the vegetable is relatively cheap. The nutrients cabbages contain are similar to kale, another popular cruciferous vegetable. Make sure you also practice healthy sleeping habits to reduce inflammation further.


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