The Online Game That’s Food for Your Brain -

The Online Game That’s Food for Your Brain

by admin

A new word game called “Wordle” is taking the internet by storm. Wordle is being used by millions of people each day, with many of them posting their daily Wordle inspirations on social networks.

In a recent tweet, Jimmy Fallon said he’s “addicted” to Wordle. In addition to the game’s popularity, it is a perfect and exciting training method for your brain.

How to Play It?

You only get six chances to solve the five-letter word of the day in Wordle. The color of each letter picked indicates one of three clues. Correct letter placement is indicated by a green checkmark, whereas yellow checkmarks indicate misspelled letters.

What Are the Benefits?

Playing a game like Wordle might enhance your brain power, even if you don’t get a trophy. Researchers found that puzzles involving words and numbers can improve and stimulate cognitive capacities in those over the age of 65. According to Harvard Health, to keep your brain in top physical shape, you need to engage it often. Your chances of having dementia will be reduced as well as the overall decline of cognitive functions as a result.

Keeping in Touch

The social aspect of the game is also a significant benefit. Players have a Wordle chat room for the whole family to share their results. And it’s especially useful during the coronavirus pandemic as it allows individuals to stay in touch with friends and relatives they otherwise wouldn’t be able to see. The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health at Cleveland Clinic says that being sociable has several health advantages, including lowering stress and stimulating the brain.


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