Top 10 Gym Bag Essentials -

Top 10 Gym Bag Essentials

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Are you ever stuck on what accessories and pieces of equipment to take with you to the gym? Going to the gym with an organised gym bag will save you loads of time! We’ve listed 10 gym bag essentials for you to fill your bag with and ultimately make your gym experience effortless and less time consuming.



Crunch Fitness has a strict towel policy: No Towel, No Workout! So having a towel in your gym bag at all times is essential when going to the gym. Practising good hygiene is important and respectful to other gym goers. It also keeps all the equipment clean & free from sweat or moisture while working out. You can purchase your very own Crunch towel from reception.

Foam Roller

It’s great to use a foam roller at the start of your gym sessions during your warm-ups to help relieve muscle tightness or soreness. Some of our Crunch gyms have foam rollers available to use near our turf section, however keeping one in your car or gym bag is super handy. This piece of equipment is also great to use after your workouts during your cool-down routine. It’ll leaving you feeling less sore & more relaxed after your gym session! You can purchase Foam Rollers a Crunch reception.

Water Bottle

This is a must! Always have a bottle of water with you – perhaps invest in an aluminium or glass bottle rather than a plastic bottle that you can use to re-fill each time you go to the gym.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mats come into great use when you’re doing floor work. If you’re into the classes at Crunch, most of them require you to bring your own Yoga mat. You can purchase these at any Crunch reception.


It’s important to bring your own padlock to the gym to avoid losing valuable items. The lockers at Crunch Fitness do have a lock feature, however a more heavy-duty padlock will keep your valuables safe.

Smart watch

Smart watches are great gadgets to use to track your workouts and use as a stop watch. There are so many other functions you can use this device for while you’re working out. Sometimes it can be awkward using your phone while performing certain activities, but the feature of the smart watch allows you to receive and access messages, calls or notifications while working out.


Using headphones in the gym gives you the freedom to listen to your own music! It increases motivation & performance during exercise so you can have the best possible workout.

Hand Sanitiser

Having hand sanitiser on you at the gym is great as it removes any germs on your hands before and after using the equipment. It’s also a great way to keep the equipment clean for the other members in the gym.


Using anti-perspirant in the gym is courtesy for other gym-goers. It’s a normal thing to sweat & produce odour when working out so having deodorant in your bag at all times is a great way to quickly freshen up before & after the gym!

Membership Card

Don’t forget your membership card! If you happen to leave it at home, it prolongs the process of getting into the gym! Having your membership card will allow you to scan your card & walk straight into the gym.


No matter where you are with your health & fitness plan we can provide the advice you need to move forward to reach your goals. Our certified world-class personal trainers are here to help you and make you feel confident with your fitness journey.

Get in touch with one of our friendly Crunch staff members today to book a personal training session.

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