Eat This Fruit to Prevent Bone Loss -

Eat This Fruit to Prevent Bone Loss

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For stronger bones, it’s often advised to consume calcium and vitamin D-rich foods and drinks. And regular weight-bearing exercises such as walking, hiking, weight training, jogging, and dancing can help tremendously. According to a recent new study in Advanced in Nutrition, prunes can also boost bone health.

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A sample of postmenopausal women took part in a year-long study as they are more susceptible to bone loss. Researchers found that eating around 10 prunes each day led to reduced symptoms of bone loss. Moreover, frequent prune intake over six months showed a reduced loss of combined mineral density compared to those who did not eat prunes.

They explained that a likely reason for this is the positive changes in the gut microbiome caused by prunes, leading to reduced inflammation. Eating prunes can reduce oxidative damage to cells that affect bone density.

Other Prune Findings

Prunes can also help burn belly fat. Generally, dried fruits like prunes are not advised for dieting due to their high-calorie density. However, a 2014 study on obesity presented at the European Congress about daily prune consumption had promising results.

The 12-week study of obese and overweight participants found that prunes were helpful for weight loss over time. Results showed that the participants who consumed approximately one cup of prunes a day lost almost an inch of their waists and about four pounds. By the end of the study, the researchers found that weight loss continued due to the participants staying fuller for longer.

Consider This Before Adding Prunes to Your Diet

Always examine the nutrition information. Prunes are high in calories because of their concentration in natural sugars. And some manufacturers will add more sugar, which can lessen or counteract its anti-inflammation influences. For the best results, combine prunes with fresh fruit and vegetables.


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