The Best Breakfast Food to Replace Coffee -

The Best Breakfast Food to Replace Coffee

by admin

The best breakfast coffee replacement is a fruit you may already enjoy – apples!

Apples to Replace Your Morning Coffee

Although apples don’t have caffeine, according to Cornell University, approximately 13 grams of natural sugar are found in the fruit and trigger a similar response to caffeine. The vitamins in the fruit are slowly released throughout the day and make you feel more awake. Not only will you avoid caffeine, but you’ll also avoid mood swings, jolts, jitters, jolts, or the dreaded crash.

A senior dietician at UCLA Medical Center says that eating apples regularly for breakfast is hugely beneficial. The natural sugars from the apple will make your body recognize it’s time to stay awake. As a bonus, a small amount of healthy sugar provides energy to kick start your metabolism without calories.

Apples Are Perfect for Overall Health

Apples are also full of fiber, low in calories for the volume you get, are full of water, and taste great. The combination of water and sugar from apples in the morning is a perfect solution to dehydration and your morning boost.


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