The Best Celeb Chef Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe -

The Best Celeb Chef Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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Whether you use a family or cookbook chocolate chip recipe, the nostalgic scent of cookies from the oven can take you back to fond memories. If you’re on the hunt for a new chocolate chip recipe, we’ve tried the recipes from three popular celebrity chefs and found the best. We judged the recipes based on taste (using a small panel of tasters), ease of making, and aesthetic.

Read on to find out who won.

Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines’s “Chocolate Chip Cookies” will give you traditional chocolate chip cookies. Her recipe is based on tinkered classic chocolate chip recipes. They are easy to make and use common ingredients. A downside of this recipe is that the individual cookies are dished out using a spoon instead of a cookie scoop. This resulted in different-sized cookies, some a little crisper, and some undercooked ones.

Verdict: If you’re a classic crispy chocolate cookie fan, you may love the sweet, rich, and deep caramelized flavor that this recipe offers.

Ina Garten

This “Giant Crinkled Chocolate Chip Cookies” recipe is pretty unique. They turn out flat and crispy and include all the typical cookie ingredients. The proportions make these cookies so enjoyable. Their richness stems from two sticks of butter. Also, you get to decide on the size of the chocolate pieces as you chop them yourself instead of using chips.

Verdict: These are perfect if you love a thin, crispy cookie that’s slightly elevated from the typical cookie.

Winner: Alton Brown

Alton’s “The Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe uses bread flour instead of all-purpose flour to get them chewy. Typically, you can find the bread flour in the same aisle as the regular flour in your local supermarket. Also, to save time, he melts the butter instead of waiting for butter to soften at room temperature.

Verdict: This cookie recipe has a crispy edge with a deep buttery flavor and a soft and gooey center. With just the right amount of chocolate, it’s everything you’d want from a chocolate chip cookie.


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